Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Home Maintenance

It’s hard to believe, but Fall is here again! 🍂 That means it’s once again time to think about seasonal maintenance to protect your properties from elements like rain, snow and ice. ☔️❄️

Ensure that you hire inspectors and workers within the coming weeks to perform routine maintenance checks and you can keep your property in tip-top condition for many years to come!

Things to consider:

1. Exterior Checks – Remedy issues such as areas that need caulking, gutters that need debris removed, loose or missing roof shingles, and vegetation that needs trimming to prevent future damage.

2. Animal Proofing – Cold weather brings critters seeking refuge in the warmth of an accessible basement or attic! To prevent an infestation, make sure all holes small and large and filled and that all doors and windows seal properly.

3. Irrigation Systems – As winter approaches, follow manufacturers instructions for winterizing sprinklers and irrigation systems. Sprinkler systems can often be reset, as seasonal rain and melted snow will hydrate foliage.

4. Annual Inspections – Now’s a great time to take care of chimney cleaning, to check that smoke alarms are maintained, and that HVAC systems are serviced and cleaned to prevent major damage.

Make autumn your time of year to batten down the hatches, so you can rest assured your home will be cozy, safe and warm all season long.